First Grade

First grade teachers' favorite things

TEACHER: Nikee Booton

Position: 1st grade teacher
Birthday: Mar 21
Sweet treat: Reese's
Favorite drink: Cherry Coke Zero
Salty treat: Mixed nuts
Cookie: Peanut butter, white chocolate macadamia
Candy: Blowpops
Bundt cake flavor: Chocolate
Places to shop: Home Goods, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Amazon
Restaurants: Cheesecake Factory
Color: Blue
Meals: Taco salad, lettuce wraps
Flowers: Sunflowers, mums, daisies
Sports team: Raiders, Notre Dame
Hobbies: Sewing, photography, weight lifting
Classroom wish list items: Lavender mint ZUM mist

TEACHER: Julie Schade

Position: 1st grade teacher
Birthday: July 1
Sweet treat: Chocolate
Favorite drink: Skinny Vanilla Latte
Salty treat: Crackers/trail mix
Cookie: Chocolate chip
Candy: Raisinette
Bundt cake flavor: White chocolate raspberry
Places to shop: JCPenny, Macys, Target
Restaurants: Outback, Red Robin, Torchys tacos
Color: Pink/purple
Meals: Soup, Italian, Mexican
Flowers: Tulips, daisies
Sports team: Broncos, Avalanche
Hobbies: Gardening, baking, yoga
Classroom wish list items: Paint, ribbon, books