Second Grade

Second grade teachers' favorite things

TEACHER: Katie Archer

Position: 2nd grade teacher
Birthday: December 19
Sweet treat: Cookies 
Favorite drink: Starbucks Nonfat Chai (hot or iced) or Pink Drink 
Salty treat: Popcorn, Trail mix, Chips
Cookie: Chocolate chip  
Candy: Dark chocolate of any kind, any kind of gummy candy, Almond Joy, Take 5
Bundt cake flavor: Lemon, Red Velvet, White Chocolate Raspberry 
Places to shop: Amazon or Target 
Restaurants: Seasons 52, Chipotle, La Loma, Blue Oyster Co, Fuzzys
Color: Blue and green 
Meals: Soups, Salads, Mexican, Italian
Flowers: Any
Sports team: Broncos
Hobbies: Reading, crafting, cooking 
Classroom wish list items: Stickers, smelly stickers, clear page protectors, extra headphones, books

TEACHER: Lisa Hess

Position: 2nd grade teacher
Birthday: January 5
Sweet treat: Dark chocolate
Favorite drink: Pepsi and hot cocoa
Salty treat: Sour cream and onion Pringles
Cookie: Oatmeal chocolate chip
Candy: Snickers, Mounds, dark chocolate
Bundt cake flavor: Red Velvet
Places to shop: Target, Nordstrom
Restaurants: Cheesecake Factory
Color: Blue and yellow/mustard
Meals: Pad Thai
Flowers: Lilies
Sports team: Packers, Badgers
Hobbies: Running and crafting
Classroom wish list items: Poster-sized Post Its
Allergies: Bananas

TEACHER: Shanna Roll

Position: 2nd grade teacher
Birthday: June 8
Sweet treat: Chocolate covered peanuts
Favorite drink: Celcius, Diet Coke, iced coffee, and Starbucks: iced oat-milk shaken espresso
Salty treat: Peanut butter pretzels
Cookie: Snickerdoodle or sugar
Candy: I love any sweet and sour candy
Bundt cake flavor: White chocolate raspberry
Places to shop: TJ Maxx, Nordstrom, Target, Lakeshore, and Michaels
Restaurants: Fuzzy's, Yard House, Blue Island Oyster, and Los Dos
Color: Purple, pink, and teal
Meals: Anything with Gluten Free noodles or salads
Flowers: I love all flowers
Sports team: AVALANCHE obsessed 🙂
Hobbies: Reading, working out, running, hanging with my dog, hiking, riding my Peloton, and shopping
Classroom wish list items: Pens, stickers, books, smelly stickers, Mr. Sketch Markers, etc
Allergies: No milk in coffee. Almond milk and oat milk