Third Grade

Third grade teachers' favorite things

TEACHER: Kimberly Borner

Position: 3rd grade teacher
Birthday: August 21
Sweet treat: Gummy bears, gummy cherries, cinnamon bears
Favorite drink: Coke Zero
Salty treat: Chips- Doritos, tortilla chips and salsa, Funyuns
Cookie: Sugar cookies
Candy: Twizzlers, Baby Ruth, gummy candy
Bundt cake flavor: Raspberry truffle
Places to shop: Amazon, Nordstrom, Target
Restaurants: Las Fajitas, Los Dos Potrillos
Color: Pink, blue, green
Meals: Vegetarian, Mexican
Flowers: Roses
Sports team: 
Hobbies: Traveling, outdoor activities
Classroom wish list items: Amazon gift card, Lakeshore gift card

TEACHER: Kimberly Jester

Position: 3rd grade teacher
Birthday: November 27
Sweet treat: Ice cream
Favorite drink: Chardonnay 🙂 Diet Coke, Cherry Limeade, nonfat Vanilla Latte
Salty treat: Lays potato chips
Cookie: Chocolate chip
Candy: Haribo Gummy Bears, Twizzlers
Bundt cake flavor: Something fruity
Places to shop: Nordstrom
Restaurants: P.F. Chang's, Great Divide, Duke's, Sushi Den
Color: Blue
Meals: Mexican, Italian
Flowers: Orchid
Sports team: Broncos, CU, KU
Hobbies: Travel, golf, skiing, tennis, reading
Classroom wish list items: Plants

TEACHER: Michelle McCluskey

Position: 3rd grade teacher
Birthday: December 11
Sweet treat: Chocolate chip cookies
Favorite drink: Cherry Coke
Salty treat: Popcorn
Cookie: Chocolate chip
Candy: Reese's, Snickers
Bundt cake flavor: Red Velvet
Places to shop: Nordstrom Rack, Target
Restaurants: Real de Minas, LuBo's
Color: Shades of blue
Meals: Mexican and Italian
Flowers: Tulips, Gerbera Daisies
Sports team: Colorado teams (Avalanche, Nuggets, Broncos)
Hobbies: Biking, hiking, kayaking, SUP (being outdoors)
Classroom wish list items: Deck of cards, board games/strategy games
Allergies: Fragrances: candles and lotion