Engineer & Kitchen

Building engineer and kitchen staffs' favorite things

NAME: Dan Golden

Position: Building Engineer 
Birthday: June 19
Sweet treat: Red vines licorice
Favorite drink: Sprite
Salty treat: Trail mix
Cookie: Macadamia
Candy: Reese's
Bundt cake flavor: Red Velvet
Places to shop: Cabelas
Restaurants: Dukes, Outback 
Color: Blue, black 
Meals: Steak & potatoes
Sports team: NASCAR
Hobbies: Camping
Classroom wish list items: Foldable table saw
Allergies: Avocados

NAME: Vicki Coronis

Position: Kitchen Assistant
Birthday: September 30
Sweet treat: Dark chocolate, caramel
Favorite drink: Iced Coffee
Salty treat: Popcorn
Cookie: Oreo
Candy: Almond Joy
Bundt cake flavor: Vanilla
Places to shop: Hobby Lobby
Restaurants: Chillis
Color: Blue
Meals: Pizza
Flowers: Daisys
Sports team: Avalanche
Hobbies: Thrifting
Classroom wish list items: 

NAME: Lisa Elizalde

Position: Kitchen Manager
Birthday: October 23
Sweet treat: Cake
Favorite drink: Coke Zero
Salty treat: 
Cookie: Choc Chip
Candy: Baby Ruth
Bundt cake flavor: Vanilla
Places to shop: Amazon
Restaurants: Texas Roadhouse
Color: Pink
Flowers: Roses
Sports team: Broncos
Hobbies: Gardening
Classroom wish list items: