Specials' favorite things

NAME: Marina Bonello Goers

Position: PE
Birthday: April 10
Sweet treat: Dark chocolate
Favorite drink: Cappuccino
Salty treat: Synders Honey Mustard Pretzel bites
Cookie: Krustini
Candy: Dark chocolate
Bundt cake flavor: Chocolate
Places to shop: Amazon
Restaurants: Italian
Color: Blue
Meals: Wraps or smoothies
Flowers: Sunflowers, daisies
Sports team: Juventus Italian Soccer Team
Hobbies: Stained glass craft, Yoga, cooking, hiking, cycling, swimming
Classroom wish list items: Double sided tape or velcro
Allergies: Insect stings

NAME: Scott Draper

Position: Art teacher
Birthday: March 18
Sweet treat: Ice cream 
Favorite drink: Wine...lol
Salty treat: Cheese popcorn
Cookie: Chocolate chip
Candy: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Bundt cake flavor: Red Velvet
Places to shop: Amazon
Restaurants: Mexican
Color: Purple
Meals: Steak
Flowers: Carnations
Sports team: Texas A&M
Hobbies: Painting, pottery, skiing, hiking, camping
Classroom wish list items: More Royal Soft grip #4 paintbrushes

NAME: Camille Ringenberg

Position: Music teacher
Birthday: June 3
Sweet treat: Oreos!
Favorite drink: Coffee (but also lemonade)
Salty treat: Cheese-Its
Cookie: Chocolate chip
Candy: Snickers
Bundt cake flavor: Red Velvet
Places to shop: Target
Restaurants: Qdoba, Jimmy Johns
Color: Lavender
Meals: Any pasta
Flowers: Lavender, sunflowers
Sports team: Butler Bulldogs
Hobbies: Flute, playing with my cat
Classroom wish list items: Tissues, puppets