Timber Trail PTO Expense Reimbursement Request form

Please click below to download the reimbursement form for expenses you need to be reimbursed for PTO related events.

  1. Fill out updated Expense Reimbursement Request.
  2. Tape receipts to front/back of 8-1/2” x 11” piece of paper and attach to request form. Please, please, please don’t forget this step!
  3. Give to office to place in Treasurer’s envelope or scan & email to timbertrailtreasurer@gmail.com.


  • Please turn in expense reimbursement requests within 30 days of spending.
  • Personal items cannot appear on the same receipt as a reimbursable item. Expense reports will be rejected if this occurs.
  • For all online purchases, especially Amazon, make sure your proof of payment appears on your receipt. I receive a lot of “orders” which only show the total amount due, not the amount paid. We need to see the credit card transaction or amount paid otherwise the expense report will be rejected.
If expenses are received on a Friday, checks will be issued no more than three weeks later. Contact Adam at timbertrailtreasurer@gmail.com with any questions.
Thank you!