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Hello Timber Trail Families! We are very excited about our upcoming Holiday Giving Project for the Staff at Timber Trail.  The past years have been a great success and the TTE staff is always so appreciative of our generosity.  We put together this "fact sheet" to answer potential questions.

  • The Holiday Giving Project is intended to allow families to conveniently express their appreciation and gratitude to members of the TTE Staff.   This includes every single person that works in the building… the teachers that work diligently in the classroom; the staff that greets our children each morning in the carpool line or from the bus; the cleaning crew that keeps our school clean; the food personnel that deal with chaos in the lunchroom; the aides that make sure the kids are safe on the playground; the office staff that help our children when they are hurt or sick; the bus drivers that get our kids to and from school safely and anyone else that you feel is contributing to the health and education of our children.
  • This is an optional project and you are welcomed to have your child choose an individual gift for their respective teacher.
  • On November 15th  RED envelope with instructions will be sent home in the Thursday folder of your youngest/only child at TTE.  Only one RED envelope per family will be sent. To download another copy of the instructions CLICK HERE.
  • Cash donations only please.  Whether you enter your contribution amount online or fill out the hard copy form, all contributions (Cash-only, no checks) should be submitted in the RED envelopes provided. CASH-only is the easiest way to handle the division of the money. Please enter online if possible.
  • RED envelopes can be sent back to school starting November 26th.  The last day to send envelopes will be Friday December 14th. 
  • You decide how much you want to give to any or all staff members at TTE.  No contribution is too small.  Remember that even $1, when combined with contributions from other families, will make a lovely and generous gift.
  • Room Mom's have NOT collected money for this project.  Check with your Room Mom if you are confused about collected funds.
  • Finally, a card of thanks along with the cumulative cash gift will be given to the TTE Staff on December 20th.   Every single family's name that contributes will be put on the card
    of thanks (a dollar amount will not be noted next to your name).
  • If you have any questions please contact your Room Mom or Andrea Lamb at [email protected]

Thank you, Timber Trail PTO